Keith Newman – Smile of Deceit: Review


Synopsis – “ when two teenage girls disappear exactly sixteen years apart, police are convinced that the cases must be connected. One suspect was present on both occasions and now he has checked out of his hotel early and cannot be found.

But nothing is straightforward and it becomes clear that police involved in the original investigation have secrets of their own. When the cold case is reopened new evidence about both girls is established quickly, and there is a strong suspicion that the police are being manipulated.

Ruby Delacourt, the partner of the main suspect, is convinced that he is innocent and she uses her skill as a reporter to do her own digging. But she helps to uncover a much darker side to his character and an unexpected link between the two cases.

This is the turning point and the race is on to catch the real killer – a race which begins in the mountains of the French Alps and ends in a ski lodge just north of Lake Bled. “

Genre – Thriller

Spoiler free review – So if you aren’t the synopsis, do you even like thrillers? As soon as I read that, I had to find out what happened! I was literally hooked from page one.

The fact that this is a real detective story with multiple cases coming into one is sitting on the edge of your seat good!

The first chapter or so was a little slow for me, trying to work everything out but once I’d gotten stuck into it, I never thought the story would lead to where it did.

The plot twists and the characters are very well written out and hats off to Keith Newman because he has written a very good thriller that thankfully, I wasn’t able to predict the ending of 🥳


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