Rob Saunders – Dragon River: Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Synopsis – “This story has everything:
A boy who turns into a dragon…and back again.
The longest, most boring train ride ever.
Bully boys, making stuff, and a near disaster on the river.
There’s even magic, two court cases, a plane ride and a song.
Join the Drako family, the nasty Purkisses, teacher Hippolyta Scythe, singer Solange Luna, and Percy the phenomenal child artist, along with Gallo the superhero dragon!
A brilliant book for fans of Lemony Snicket.”

Genre – Children’s  

Spoiler free review – Firstly I want to say a huge thank you to @RandomTTours and @bobappliedarts for allowing me to be apart of this tour. I knew I would love this story so I was super excited to read it to the children too.

We received the book with the most amazing 3D printed dragon I have ever seen (actually the only one we have ever seen)! It added such amazing detail to story because we had Gallo sitting with us all the way through it, the children loved it! The dragon was printed by Rob himself which makes it super special.

We read this story as a family which was so nice because with everything going on right now, things are a little crazy. So we all decided, because we all loved the sound of the story, that each night we would read it before the children go to bed as a family.

We started off just reading a page or two a night, or at least that was the plan.. oops. As soon as we started reading it we were all desperate to know what happens so we ended up reading 2-3 chapters a night instead.

The story line was amazing, we loved Sally and Gal immediately and the story just gets better and better as you read.

I would definitely recommend this book for the whole family to read, we are 26 and the children are 15, 9 and 6 and they all enjoyed it. Our 9 year old has decided to read it again herself as she enjoyed it so much.


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