Erin Zak – Breaking Down Her Walls : Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Short Spoiler Free Review

“When a meeting with her birth parents goes horribly wrong, Julia escapes on a hastily planned road trip and winds up breaking down in a Colorado town so small the cows outnumber the people. Completely out of her element, she takes a temporary job as a ranch hand at Bennett Ranch. She only has to survive long enough to get her car fixed, and then she’s out of there for good.

Her bad luck continues when she meets the ranch owner, Elena Bennett. Elena is unhappy, abrasive, and annoyingly breathtaking. But the longer Julia stays, the more the ranch starts to feel like home, and her feelings for Elena become impossible to ignore. She’s spent years building her defenses high and running from her past. Could a love worth staying for be the key to breaking down her walls?”

(Young Adult / Romance/ LGBT)

Big thank you to NetGalley for sending me this book to review.


That’s it. Review over. I loved it. 

Romance is not usually my genre but I literally fell in love with this story and couldn’t put it down for the life of me. Erin Zak is now one of my favourite authors, her writing style is incredible! The characters she has created are just infectious and I absolutely loved all of the flirtyness in this story. I’m literally a sucker for this story right now.

The story line was really good and there was also a lot going on in the background which kept it going too. I would definitely recommend this book if you like romance and it’s a great story for the LGBT community .

Anyway, now all I want to do is work in a ranch, get a horse and wear flannel shirts and cowboys hats so …


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