Isabella Murphy – from Dark to Light : Review

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Short Spoiler Free Review (longer review below)

“Pumpker, a little boy pumpkin, desires nothing more than to be adopted by a family to make them happy. Planted as a slim white seed along with his sisters, Plumpalicious and Plumpilina, he finds his wish come true as he grows into a pumpkin.”


Two word review: so cute.

Ok, firstly I want to thank the author of this book for sending it out to me. Secondly, oh my god this book is adorable! It’s so cute! I loved it.

It’s defiantly a book for around Halloween time as it’s about pumpkins but I think this is such a great read for the younger children. I read this through on myself and loved it but I’m definitely saving it to read with my niece to (she’s too young to understand yet).

The story is well written and the illustrations are incredible. You don’t see many books around for Halloween time so I would defiantly recommend picking this one up.



Oh my god guys, have you read this book? I mean, I fell in love with pumpker. He’s so cute and adorable and just aww!

I loved this story, it’s just a shame it wasn’t longer but, in saying that, I think it’s the right length for a children’s read. I think children would love this book around Halloween time, don’t you?

I loved that even though the family caved the pumpkins, it was a good feeling for them and they all got excited! I was slightly worried that carving them would kill them haha.

Anyways, I loved it. Defiantly worth a read with your younger ones and I think older, younger ones could read this on there own, it’s very well written and easy to read. Everyone, go pick this book up for halloween! It will 100% get your little ones excited for pumpkin picking and carving! 🎃 .


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